Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

Rose Law Group can provide advise on benefits, function, drawbacks, formation, structure and use of Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). Some of the most innovative applications we are advising on include fundraising for business or real estate investments as well as political or charitable candidates or causes. We are well situated to provide comprehensive advice on this new type of structure. There are many exciting applications that have yet to be widely utilized and Rose Law Group is pioneering in this area. If you want to discuss how your current business might employ a DAO to enhance your position please contact any of our attorneys working in the space (listed below).

Rose Law Group is the first full service law firm with an office in the metaverse, serving metaverse-based businesses. We are the first law firm to add a team of coders, architects and blockchain developers, so we are a one-stop-shop for metaverse business. From due diligence on land or business purchases, to drafting and implementing smart contracts, to auditing digital assets, advising on security, to designing and building structures, games or other showcases, to NFT design and auction implementation, and more. We also offer event design and hosting on the well-situated land we own in Decentraland. 

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