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Rose Law Group pc’s Equine Law attorney is able to assist with virtually any equine related legal matter you may have. From providing equine-related contracts, including purchase and sale agreements, leases, boarding agreements, and breeding contracts to facilitating transactions and resolving disputes, we are there to service all of your needs.

When you can depend on someone to provide preventative maintenance, quality care, and attention to detail, your chances of success are greater. More importantly, your ability to enjoy what you do without worry grows exponentially. The value of a good professional cannot be understated in the equine world. For those things that you cannot do yourself, there are professionals, such as farriers, veterinarians, trainers, and the like. Similarly, Rose Law Group pc’s Equine Law department is available to protect your interests.

From purchase to sale, and everything in between, there are measures that you can take to minimize risk, protect your interests, and maximize your productivity within the equestrian industry. In addition to having solid contracts, ensuring compliance with local land use and zoning laws is of paramount importance when keeping horses on your property in Arizona.

In addition to providing contracts and helping you navigate through land use issues we are here to assist in entity formations, show organization, and asset protection. Our legal services also extend to equine related insurance claims, litigation representation, filing for agricultural property tax assessments, and estate planning.

Below is a list of some of the equine related services we offer for stakeholders in Arizona’s horse industry:

Horse Owners and Investors in Arizona

  • Purchase/Sale Agreements
  • Installment Sales Agreements
  • Bill of Sale
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Partnerships and Syndications
  • Entity Formation


  • Training Contracts
  • Agency Agreement and Management Authority
  • Authority to Enter Shows, Competitions, or Races
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Commission Arrangements/Split Earnings Agreements
  • Lesson Contracts

Boarding Facility Operators

  • Boarding Contracts
  • Liability Releases
  • Medical Consent
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Contracts

Horse Facility/Property Owners

  • Land Use Issues
  • Building Permits
  • Ground Leases
  • Agricultural Property Tax Assessments
  • Liability Releases


  • Breeding Contracts
  • Shipped Semen Agreements
  • Mare Management Contracts
  • Club Disputes and Resolution of Registration Issues

Other Equine Services

  • Litigation
  • Insurance Support
  • Inquiries and Hearings
  • Organization Structuring
  • Show Management Support
  • Transportation Agreements/Waivers
  • Tax Matters

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Adam Trenk, Rose Law Group partner and director of equine law practice, is Arizona Horse Connection magazine’s cover story

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