Historic Preservation Services

Rose Law Group is proud to offer comprehensive Historic Preservation services, making us the first and only law firm in Arizona to concrete in this vital field. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to guiding developers and historic property owners through the complex processes of preservation, restoration, and adaptive reuse of historic properties. We blend our legal and hands-on experience in planning and development, to ensure our clients receive unparalleled service and support.


Our Services Include:


  • Navigating Designation Processes: We assist developers in working through the city landmark designation process, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements and maximizing the potential for successful project approval.
  • Certificate of Appropriateness Guidance: When a municipal Certificate of Appropriateness or approval from the State Historic Preservation Office is necessary, our team provides guidance for historic property owners and their architects to understand appropriate alterations and improvements, preserving the historic integrity and status of their properties.
  • Legal Compliance and Incentives: We offer guidance on compliance with local, state and federal historic preservation regulations, including securing tax incentives, grants, and other potential financial benefits available for preservation projects.
  • Project Management and Planning: With in-house project managers and planners, we provide end-to-end project management services. From due diligence and acquisition to entitlements and construction management, we ensure that every aspect of your preservation project is handled with expertise and care.
  • Neighborhood and Community Relations: Our experienced neighborhood relations managers facilitate positive community engagement, addressing concerns and building support for preservation projects within local communities.


Why Choose Rose Law Group for Historic Preservation?


For twenty-five years, Rose Law Group has represented a diverse range of clients, including premier homebuilders, commercial developers, and multifamily, office, industrial, agricultural, and solar development sectors. Our unique team members are creative and forward-thinking, helping clients to plan ahead to avoid issues and to quickly react in the face of any challenge. 

By choosing Rose Law Group for your historic preservation needs, you gain access to a one-stop real estate shop that is committed to preserving Arizona’s rich heritage while promoting sustainable and economically viable development. Our integrated approach adds value to your projects and ensures that we are responsive to your business needs, ultimately helping you make or save more money.


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