Jonathan Udell, attorney at Rose Law Group, presents cannabis CLE for Coconino County Bar

Staying Out of the Weeds – A Cannabis Law Overview: Continuing Legal Education presentation delivered Tuesday by firm cannabis attorney and AZ NORML Communications Director Jonathan Udell for the Coconino County Bar Association. A wide array of topics: Ranging from the history of cannabis use/prohibition, the movement to legalize cannabis, and the campaign for Prop. 207, to opportunities for entering the cannabis industry, the financial issues dispensaries face, employment discrimination, and expungement.


Q: What do you think should be the biggest focus in marijuana law post Prop 207?

A: Reducing barriers to entry. Currently, state law allows only one dispensary for every ten pharmacies in the state.

Meanwhile, Arizona’s industry—unlike many other states—is vertically integrated, which means cultivators, manufacturers, edible infusers, and retail operators must all vie for the same licenses, of which there are only about 130. In coming years, Arizona’s legislators should apply free market principles to the cannabis industry like lawmakers in Oklahoma have. Making it easier to enter the industry would both empower consumers and provide opportunities to entrepreneurs, rather than forcing them to enter into a licensing lottery or operate under a dispensary’s license.