Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney

A Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney document allows you to legally appoint a person or persons (your “agent”) to make medical, surgical or hospital decisions regarding your care and treatment, in the event you are incapacitated and unable to do so on your own behalf. You may also express your wishes concerning organ donation in this document.

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The must-see panel of Intersolar North America (if you could only see one) discussed the most pressing issue in distributed solar today: What’s happening with net metering – and where does the industry go from here?
By Frank Andorka and Christian Roselund | PV Magazine At 9 am on Tuesday morning, one of the most important issues in the industry was being debated in a conference room as part of the Intersolar North America trade show: net metering. Across the nation, net metering policies are changing. The largest solar market, California, has moved to a successor policy, while other states including Hawaii and Indiana have shut the policy down entirely. READ ON:

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