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A Last Will and Testament is basic estate planning tool, which allows you to stipulate the manner in which your estate will be distributed and to whom. A Last Will and Testament, with pour-over provisions, may also be utilized as a compliment to your Family Revocable Trust. One of the main downsides to using a Last Will and Testament only, is that in most cases, your loved ones will be required to proceed through the probate process, which is costly and time-consuming.

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The must-see panel of Intersolar North America (if you could only see one) discussed the most pressing issue in distributed solar today: What’s happening with net metering – and where does the industry go from here?
By Frank Andorka and Christian Roselund | PV Magazine At 9 am on Tuesday morning, one of the most important issues in the industry was being debated in a conference room as part of the Intersolar North America trade show: net metering. Across the nation, net metering policies are changing. The largest solar market, California, has moved to a successor policy, while other states including Hawaii and Indiana have shut the policy down entirely. READ ON:

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