Digital Assets

Rose Law Group’s Digital Asset team is on the front lines of protecting and securing all forms of digital assets.  Rose Law Group offers sophisticated legal counsel to clients navigating this rapidly evolving technological space. Our team can assist clients with cryptocurrency crowdfunding and investing regulations, issues surrounding data protection and intellectual property, token and coin compliance, debt and equity financing, as well as cryptocurrency e-wallet corporate and real estate exchanges and transactions.  The increased use of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets has given rise to complex legal issues in the areas of bankruptcy, corporate law, securities offerings, real estate transactions, privacy, and intellectual property.  In addition, it is essential that in creating your digital assets you sufficiently protect them from future mis-appropriation.  Rose Law Group has developed a pioneering approach to protection.   Our team can also assist with:

-Registering and legally protecting digital assets (including NFT’s, Avatars, Cryptocurrency)

-Risk mitigation for digital assets

-Helping navigate the legal intricacies of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

– Regulatory investigations and defense

-Resolving disputes between customers and cryptocurrency exchanges

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The end of YouTube?

By Evan Bolick | Rose Law Group litigator The European Union (EU) just passed a law holding Google, which owns YouTube, directly responsible for the upload of any material infringing copyrights to YouTube. The potential consequences are alarming and jeopardize the very existence of YouTube, or at least YouTube as we know it. Initially, this law completely inverts traditional legal

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How the enlightenment ends; ‘AI anxiety misplaced,’ says Logan Elia, Rose Law Group attorney practicing privacy law

Philosophically, intellectually — in every way — human society is unprepared for the rise of artificial intelligence By Henry A. Kissenger | The Atlantic Three years ago, at a conference on transatlantic issues, the subject of artificial intelligence appeared on the agenda. I was on the verge of skipping that session—it lay outside my usual concerns—but the beginning of the presentation

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Power to the drones: Utilities place bets on robots; Rose Law Group Cybersecurity, Privacy and Emerging Technologies Chairman Troy Roberts, expresses support

By Stephen Jewkes, Christoph Steitz | Reuters Flying robots that can travel dozens of kilometers without stopping could be the next big thing for power companies. Utilities in Europe are looking to long-distance drones to scour thousands of miles of grids for damage and leaks in an attempt to avoid network failures that cost them billions of dollars a year. However,

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