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The Renewable Energy team at Rose Law Group pc has been named by Ranking Arizona as the state’s #1 renewable energy legal department. Arizona has become the #1 state, per capita, in solar energy and Rose Law Group pc has received national attention for helping make that happen. We are involved in every single major policy discussion that is occurring in Arizona, which have led to major policy changes around the country.

Our attorneys have years of experience either arguing in front of or working at the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). The Renewable Energy team includes a former ACC policy advisor and a former Bonneville Power Administration regulator. Another one of our attorneys has been a featured speaker at solar seminars and conferences, advocating for the solar industry on issues including net metering, and energy storage.

Rose Law Group’s vast experience and superior knowledge of energy issues, provides solar clients with a distinct advantage when they are seeking regulatory approval.

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As giant batteries transform the way the U.S. uses electricity, Court Rich, Rose Law Group co-founder and director of the firm’s Renewable Energy and Utility Infrastructure Department, highlights their big advantages

By Brad Plumer and Nadja Popovich | The New York Times California draws more electricity from the sun than any other state. It also has a timing problem: Solar power is plentiful during the day but disappears by evening, just as people get home from work and electricity demand spikes. To fill the gap, power companies typically burn more fossil

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Court Rich, Rose Law Group Co-founder and Director of the firm’s renewable energy and utility infrastructure department, comments on: Local bans, limits on renewable energy nationwide

By Elizabeth Weise, Suhail Bhat | USA TODAY As wind turbines get more efficient and solar panels more affordable, wind and solar plants have grown rapidly. Efforts to block them have grown rapidly, too, especially since 2021. USA TODAY’s analysis found 15% of counties nationwide now have some impediment to new utility-scale wind and solar energy. Gauging those impediments required researching a

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Strata Clean Energy building huge power storage plant in Phoenix

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Strata Clean Energy.) Scatter Wash battery-storage complex: Strata Clean Energy has broken ground on this $500M “battery-storage facility in Phoenix that will accumulate power during the morning and early afternoon, then release it during peak-demand hours.” Powering how many homes? AZCentral reports the facility “near Happy Valley Road and Seventh Ave will feature 312 batteries” that “will be enough to power 40,800

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