EXCLUSIVE: Coronavirus – what you need to be thinking about that you haven’t read yet (Part I)

Rose Law Group Reporter

Rose Law Group is frankly just as freaked out as you are when it comes to worrying about you, your family, coworkers and friends health.  As we were founded by a near germophobic Jordan Rose, this is something we are taking seriously.  In the last week we have formed a Coronavirus Task Force to identify issues relating to the virus that might become relevant to the business community.   When the NBA shuttered their season, we decided that was the definition of bad news and that we should share some of our findings with you as they may offer some opportunity for at least financial relief during this chaos.

  1. We are developing work from home policies, reviewing and offering guidance on paid sick time and FMLA.
  2. We are contemplating various potential insurance claims for business interruption. As a business owner this is worth a review as we have found several instances where a claim could be valid. 
  3. We are looking at contracts and reviewing the potential for cancellation citing force majeure. 
  4. We have a plan and a team in place to review government assistance / grants under the small business relief that is being formulated by the state and federal government.

The Coronavirus Task Force team at RLG is led by partners, Jordan RoseCourt Rich, Cameron Carter, Kaine Fisher, David McDowellAdam Trenk and Logan Elia.  They are looking to find some relief and some sort of business silver lining for our clients in this entirely unexpected situation.