Rose Law Group Coronavirus Task Force Report (Part II)

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Rose Law Group Reporter

Rose Law Group stands committed to serving the community where it can amid the Coronavirus chaos. Our daily Dealmaker publication is committed to seeking something useful or positive relating about the situation each day as that is hard to find in the regular news. The Rose Law Group Coronavirus Task Force will continue to produce information and ideas on things your business may want to consider. This is a time when unity, service and being proactive are pivotal.

 Important steps for businesses:

– Review insurance policies to see what, if any, coverage businesses may have for interruption, HR claims, or premises liability issues (i.e. if an employee made a customer sick).

-Event planners should consider insurance and liability for cancellation.

– Certain businesses should consider whether they have equal protection or gift clause claims based on government response.  (For example, if the government orders one event cancelled but not another, has the government unfairly granted the cancelled event an impossibility excuse for breach of contract.  If the government bails out one industry but not related industries, is there an equal protection claim?)

– Consider government cancellation strategies.

– Know how to respond to reports associated with their business regarding reputational Issues.  

The Coronavirus Task Force at RLG is led by all partners, Jordan RoseCourt RichCameron CarterKaine FisherDavid McDowellAdam Trenk and Logan Elia. They are looking to find some relief and some sort of business silver lining for our clients in this entirely unexpected situation.